The VARTA Start-Stop and dynamic TRIO range of batteries

Power, performance and reliability are the most important factors for determining the quality of a car battery – and VARTA is the benchmark for battery quality in the automotive industry. Our philosophy is to never compromise on quality, and this mantra has earned us the number one position as first choice supplier to the vehicle manufacturers.

The VARTA battery package packs a powerful punch. Our adherence to the highest quality standards mean there is no room for compromise, and our technological expertise leads to continual innovation and improvement.

This is why we can, again and again, offer the market products which guarantee improved power and reliability – products which further extend our lead over the competition.

Which VARTA battery is right for you?

That depends on what you need the battery to do. A modern, high-tech car, which has lots of electrical consumers fitted, has a higher electrical consumption. An older, smaller car has less power requirement.

Our product line-up caters for every need, and whether it is the VARTA Start-Stop or one of the batteries from our dynamic TRIO range, you will find VARTA delivers tailor made power for every car. When you choose VARTA, you are opting for guaranteed starting, reliable power to all your electrical consumers, a long life and the peace of mind that your battery will not let you down.

If you’re now ready to add Varta power to your car, please click on the Varta logo below to visit the online catalogue. Once you know which Varta battery you need, simply visit our online shop to check prices, availability and delivery options.

Please note, you can reserve for collection from the store or can be delivered Free of Charge if you live within 10 miles. Unfortunately, we are unable to send batteries via next day courier due to the acid content.

If you would like to get in contact about this service then please don’t hesitate to email or call and we will be more than happy to help!